About Autoflowering Cannabis Strains


Modern Autoflowering cannabis seedbanks stock auto seeds that are so advanced nowadays that they push out feminized strains from shop windows, respectively, and from growers and hidden plots.

There are reasons for this:

Unobtrusive growth and strong immunity;
Detachment from the length of the light day;
The strength of the effect, the content of THC auto-flowering varieties slowly but surely approaches a critical value of 30%;
Growth in the range of 40 – 160 cm.
The main advantages are listed, we turn to the very cultivation of autoflowering varieties.

Autoflowers are suitable for the first. They suffer a negligent attitude and standard errors of newcomers:

Interruptions with food and watering;
Poorly prepared place for growing;
Constant plucking on the test;
Insufficient or incorrect lighting.
First, decide where the cultivation will take place: outdoors or at home.

It must be realized that cultivation of cannabis at home is a troublesome business and requires cost because the Grover replaces the mother-nature plant and it is completely dependent on it.
A rare rover for their first experiments acquires a bunch of equipment, someone, and does do a balcony or a window sill, using only natural light.

Hemp as a houseplant
Groveport of car colors grown on a windowsill are increasingly found on forums and thematic venues, but here one must understand that the quality and quantity of the crop will not be a standard one. The strength of this method is a modest budget, the lion’s share of which will be spent on seeds. Among the shortcomings is worth noting – the smell, no matter how weakly smelling variety was chosen, by nature you will not leave. A specific flavor will hide it in such conditions – a difficult task.
The second, more rational way to grow cannabis, including autoflowering, is growing in grow box. The concept of the grow box is extensive, it includes both homemade, cardboard boxes that are equipped to the minimum, and well-equipped, equipped with the latest technology. In this article, let’s skip, a detailed list of exact, professional equipment and list the most necessary.