How to Select the Best Houseplants for Children

Sometimes our homes can feel stuffy and bland. This is especially true when furniture and equipment are cramping the place. Well, these are not bad, but your living room can be spruced up to life.

Houseplants don’t require any significant space, and so you don’t need to move the fridge or any other equipment to accommodate them. They can be on top of the bookcase, the TV case of even the cupboard and can teach you a lot about organic gardening as a beginner. These indoor plants underscore a sense of style and make the living room fresh and hospitable. So how do you select a houseplant?

The Factors you need to Consider

Not all plants are appropriate for indoor spaces. The right kind needs to be acclimatized to the indoor conditions where sunlight and fresh air is minimal. To be on the safe side, don’t be too bold to try a strange plant you purchased online – it may demand a lot, and you may end up quitting. Pick a native plant, and your task will be much easier. The following are some of the other factors.

  • The Kind of Plant 

This factor is all down to preference and expertise. It would be tragic to pick a houseplant that would demand a lot from you in terms of care while you are often not around. Ideally, you should select a plant fitting to your situation. If you are only available once or twice in two weeks, then a hardy plant like the Peace Lilies are perfect – these don’t need a lot of care.

  • The Lighting Conditions

Different plants do not require the same amount of light. If your house doesn’t get a sufficient amount of light, then don’t go picking the plant varieties demanding to be basked in sunlight. Sticking to your lane adage applies here in a way – you know what I mean.

  • Get the Right Kind of Container

You will need the right container possibly with holes at the bottom for the indoor plants. There are many designs you can choose from – it is a good idea to go with the one matching your indoor décor – but make sure the plant you want will fit the container you have in mind.

  • The Pets and Children

Some pets like cats love chewing on plants – like they have some craving for plant matter or fiber once in a while. Plants like lilies are extremely toxic to pets and should be avoided.

Also, take extra care if you have a toddler within your homestead. The best houseplant should not irritate their sensitive skin when bruised.