The Beautiful Journey Of A Fetus

Did you know that only four weeks into your pregnancy that tiny ball of cells in your womb has already developed into an embryo? Granted, it may only be the size of a poppy seed, but it has already started on the road to a beautiful and fascinating journey. Let’s follow one little embryo to see just how miraculous that journey really is.

At 4 Weeks

Cells are busy making their way to the primitive streak and form into three layers. It’s these three layers that later become the tissues and organs of a beautiful bouncy baby.

Around the embryo is the amniotic sac which provides protection as the little embryo will start to grow.

At 8 Weeks

Within the space of just four weeks, that little embryo has been very busy! Measuring around 1.6cm, the facial features are starting to become defined, including the nose and the upper jaw. Early neural pathways are starting to form, these will later be responsible for the sense of smell. This is a little past the point at 6 weeks where you would surely register positive on a pregnancy test in a clinic like PRC Charlotte.

At 10 Weeks

At only 10 weeks from conception, your baby’s heart is completely developed. In the future, that heart might fall in love and suffer a break or two, but right now it’s already beating, in fact, it’s beating about three times faster than yours is!

Those tiny little fingers have also been busy and now show off nails. The little fetus is also likely kicking those arms and legs which are now able to rotate on their tiny joints, and all of this at only 10 weeks old!

At 12 Weeks

Now around the size of a lime and weighing up to 14g, the little one is now starting to develop bones. This process starts at only 12 weeks from conception, yet will continue until the individual is in their twenties.

Now for a very cute thought; at this point, the tiny earlobes are starting to take shape! In years to come they may very well show off beautiful earrings but right now they are tiny, yet starting to form beautifully!

At 20 Weeks

That tiny little poppy seed of 4 weeks has now become around the length of a banana. The little one may already be busy sucking their fingers or toes and maybe even giving the first kick, perhaps the first of many from this point on!  This is the point many women go in for an ultrasound to determine the sex of the baby.

At 30 Weeks

Your little one is starting to get ready to meet you! While their eyesight is still developing, you may see them responding to a light if you shine it on your belly – how exciting!

At 38 Weeks

It’s time to welcome your miracle into the world! Imagine, that tiny bundle of cells from conception have developed into a gorgeous little person! Of course, everything that was needed was there from the very start, you just had to give your precious little cargo the time needed to let it all grow, shape and form. Indeed, the journey of a fetus is nothing short of miraculous!